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Surgical Operating Microscope

The Surgical Operating Microscope was originally designed for neurosurgery and eye surgery then later adapted for endodontic treatment.  The use of high powered magnification and illumination has greatly improved the quality of endodontic treatment and success.  Dr. Lampert uses a Surgical Operating Microscope during all phases of treatment to provide his patients with the highest level of care. 

CBCT Digital Radiography in 3D

We offer the latest 3-Dimensional CT scaning imaging in the industry.  CBCT imaging technology allows Dr. Lampert to diagnose and make treatment decision based on the most accurate and detailed radiography.

Examples of CBCT Digital Radiography in 3D

Digital Radiography

Our office uses digital radiography to x-ray your teeth during treatment.  Digital radiography technology allows Dr. Lampert to make subtle computerized adjustments to the x-ray image for improved quality.  Digital x-rays also reduce radiation exposure to the patient by 80%.  

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