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About Your Visit

Your visit will begin with an examination and consultation.  At this time we will examine the area, take digital x-rays, and determine whether your tooth is in need of root canal treatment.

If root canal treatment is indicated, we will provide you with an estimated cost for treatment and help you determine how much your dental insurance will cover before treatment begins.  We feel our patients deserve the courtesy of knowing their financial obligations prior to receiving treatment.

Following local anesthesia, the root canal space within your tooth will be cleaned and sealed with a root canal filling material.  Treatment time takes about 90 minutes and is usually completed in one visit depending on the required treatment.  Following the completion of your root canal treatment, you will need to return to your general dentist within 4 weeks for a permanent restoration.  A report detailing your treatment and any pertinent x-rays will be sent to your general dentist.

Endodontic treatment done for the first time on a tooth by an endodontist has a success rate of 95%.  The 5% of teeth that do not respond to endodontic treatment may require a surgical procedure to clean the outer surface of the end of the root.  This procedure is called an apicoectomy.  Retreatment of old root canals that have failed have a slightly diminished success rate of 85%.

After Your Treatment

Most patients return to their normal daily routine following treatment. 

  • Post-operative inflammation is normal and expected for 3 to 4 days following treatment.  This type of inflammation may cause biting sensitivity or a general ache around the tooth.  An anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen is recommended for 4 days following treatment.  For those patients who cannot take anti-inflammatory medications, Tylenol is recommended.​

    Dosage: Ibuprofen 600mg (3 tablets of 200mg) every 6 hours.

  • The gum area around the tooth will be tender from the spring that held the rubber dam in place.  Be gentle when brushing for the next 2 days. 
  • Do not drink anything hot for 1 hour following treatment to allow your temporary filling to set.  It is advised to wait until the numbness has resolved before drinking hot beverages. 
  • You must return to your dentist within 4 weeks to have the temporary filling replaced with a permanent restoration.  Do not return to your dentist for a restoration if the tooth has not returned to normal.  Call our office. 
  • Avoid chewing on the treated tooth until it has been permanently restored by your dentist.

     Please call our office with any questions or concerns.

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